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“Person centered care is important to GIFHD because it makes sure that the individual is involved in the decision making and development components of the services needed to better the person. We understand that there is so much work to be done to help health and social services to be more person-centered. It is our goal to put each person in the core of human development to improve our services, help get the care the person need; when they need it, help people be more active in looking after themselves, and reduce the pressure on health and social services. We certainly understand that people are living longer, but often have many health conditions as they age due to the lack of self-care. Research has proven that person-centered care can help to improve health and reduce the burden of health services. We find that people are more satisfied, motivated and empowered when they can make their own decisions about their life. We strive to make sure that the physical, cultural, and psychosocial environment of health supports the persons’ decision to be self-informed by embracing their whole life experience from a place of truth.”- - Loretta L Simpson, CEO/ED

Thanks in advance for your generosity and your willingness to share your talents: by helping us, to help others, help themselves!

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